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Pathing your way to Achieve Financial Freedom

Time freedom checklist⤵️

Simplifying the Stock Market

Have you ever wanted to get into stock options trading but seen others complicate the F*** out of information? Almost to a point where one can't understand it? That's where my 1:1 Mentorship program comes into play. We will guide you during this 6 weeks program step-by-step on how to make $5,000-$10k/month, including 2 group classes weekly, 2 1-on-1 calls & Live trading 5 days/week. Apply here

Network with other bosses

Surround yourself around 4 lazy people and you will become the 5th, but being around 99 hard workers, you will in fact become the 100th. This is the law of attraction and showcases the most impactful assets within our community, the connections and relationships you will build will shape your Network into your Networth. 

Taking Immediate Action

Working with BBN you will be exposed to a variety of opportunities from Stock options trading, long term portfolio ideas, 1on1 mentorship opportunities, Sports Betting and overall business networking. If the average millionaire operates 8 different income streams, we firmly believe anyone coachable is highly capable of achieving 1-2+ extra streams of wealth in your sleep, also known as passive income.

Consistent Overall Growth

In all areas where it be life, business, or relationships, the most important trait to carry is staying consistent. Let's face it, when life doesn't go our way, the only one to blame for that outcome is ourselves. Working with our community, you will focus much more on sharpening your skill sets, and abilities to generate working cashflow vehicles in addition to your current streams.

Our mindset is bigger than "Just getting Rich"

To truly reach sought out goals, us as hard-workers have got to have our own personal "Why" to give us the driving force

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